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Writing and Editing Samples

1) From heroin to hope - Rising Strong - blog and video for Premera Blue Cross

2) Premera grant gives hope to Hope House - blog and video for Premera Blue Cross

3) Homelessness is a healthcare issue - blog and video for Premera Blue Cross

3) Guest-written article and original photography for Good Light Magazine's January 2017 issue:

4) Blog about the values of lifelong learning.

The Top 3 Lessons I Learned from Going Back to School

I started my lifelong learning journey three years ago when I moved from the U.K. back to my hometown of Seattle, leaving behind a successful photography business that I had spent years building. Moving countries without a steady job was one of the riskiest things I had ever done, and without much of a plan, I turned to grad school for direction and focus. I remember walking into my first day of class short on confidence, with sweaty palms and a shaky voice. I had been out of school for years and the thought of collaborating and competing with the 24 year olds in my cohort was intimidating.

Lesson 1 - Never sell yourself short.

There will always be someone younger and smarter than you. What can you bring to the table? For me it was years of experience with a camera and the ability to understand what images resonate with people. Once my nerves settled, I could share lessons I’d learned over the years with my classmates and in turn, received lessons from their experiences. And guess what? People were far less judgmental than I envisioned in my head. You will always be your own worst critic—don’t let that inner voice hinder your ability to flourish.

Lesson 2 – Lifelong learning doesn’t mean you must go back to school.

I took a ten-week hot yoga workshop solely for my well-being and specifically not for my career. Taking the time out to focus on my health was one of the best decisions of my life, both physically and spiritually. Learning how to control my habits, my inner voice and my breath made me a much more present coworker and partner. The icing on the cake was that my yoga instructor, Tiffany, turned out to be one of the most refreshing people I had ever met. That next quarter, I took a filmmaking class and was inspired to make my first film about Tiffany’s journey overcoming alcoholism, turning to hot yoga and opening two of the most successful yoga studios on the Eastside.

Which brings me to my final lesson…

Lesson 3 – Take time to connect with those around you because you never know how life works out.

The copywriting and marketing classes I took in school were great. More than great – I learned how to supplement my visual background with solid marketing skills. But the most valuable and fulfilling part of my lifelong learning experience was connecting with my classmates, mentors and teachers. That woman next to me in yoga class turned out to be the focus of my film, and that film convinced my current employer to let me manage the rest of our video projects for the year. I have since hired and have been hired by those I met in class. There’s something remarkably special about being surrounded by others who also seek to better themselves. Continuing to learn opens up opportunity in the most fortuitous of ways and I can’t wait to see what unexpected lessons my next class brings. My advice to you is to take the plunge – however scary it may seem, I bet you’ll end up inspired to write a blog about what you’ve learned as well.  

5) Spec blog for Drift, a New York-based energy provider.

Who Run the World?

While all business people have challenges, women business owners often face an extra set of complications like gender discrimination, lack of equal opportunities in some industries and work/life balance issues. Yet women business owners are growing at an incredible rate of five times that of men, especially in New York, thanks to the growing number of resources, grants and mentorship programs provided by the city. Nearly half a million women entrepreneurs call New York city home, more than any other U.S. city and nearly double that of second-ranked Los Angeles.

New York celebrates the entrepreneurial woman and so do we. Many of our customers like Founder of Riverdel Fine Foods Michaela Grob have seen that partnering with Drift helps save money, simplifies operational costs and gives the ability to choose an energy plan that’s reflective of their company’s values. We are continually looking for ways to help our women entrepreneurs thrive and enjoy being a part of their success. Which is why we have partnered with the tenth annual Women in Business conference, a forum where women entrepreneurs network, share expertise and learn from other female leaders in business.

We hope you’ll join us at this event where we’ll showcase how our energy plans free up time and money by providing a modern and efficient user experience for business owners. With all the responsibilities women business owners juggle, we’re the kind of provider you won’t have to worry about. And that time and money saved goes right back into the women-run businesses that are saving today’s economy, which is a win for everyone. 

6) Blogs for Resource Media:

7) I wrote and edited a weekly newsletter for Eastside Catholic School. I also project managed the redesign of the newsletter to a mobile-friendly design.

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