Alexandra Gunnoe

Project Management Examples

1) I project managed the redesign of print collateral and online ads for Eastside Catholic School. 

Eastside Catholic Middle School Brochure

Eastside Catholic School Open House Mailing Cards

2) Here's a link to a video I project managed for Eastside Catholic School about the Options Program, a student-centered learning environment for those with intellectual disabilities.

3) The Vintage Bus Project (UK):

I was the creative director, photographer and project manager for ten photo shoots over several months featuring vintage buses and fashion models for The West of England Transportation Collection. 

I location scouted, hired models, stylists, make-up and hair, and oversaw the design and printing of a 2015 calendar that was sold in the United Kingdom and United States. The shoots were featured in several print and online magazine publications, including VOGUE Italia, Devon Life and Somerset Life.

The Vintage Bus Project Calendar.

An article in Somerset Life featuring The Vintage Bus Project.

4) Here's a link to another recent video I project managed, the 2017 Making a Difference Campaign for Eastside Catholic School. 

5) I project managed the redesign of the Eastside Catholic School weekly newsletter to a mobile-friendly design.

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